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DB25M - C36M IEEE Printer Cable
DB25M - C36M IEEE Printer Cable

Printer Cable IEEE1284 A-B Parallel DB25M C36M 10FT


The IEEE1284-1994 was developed for high-speed bi-directional communication between the PC and an external peripheral such as printers, external storage devices, CCD cameras, and scanners.
Our IEEE1284 cable assemblies are designed to ensure electrical and mechanical compatibility with all 1284 compliant devices, operate with existing parallel peripherals, maintain data integrity at the highest data rates, and extend operation to 35 feet.
Constructed with 18 28AWG paired stranded wires, 100% shielded metal can, double 100% aluminum foil and 85% braid shielded Requires:

* Printer with Centronics connection
* Bi-directional or ECP or EPP printer port